Root Canal Treatment

An Endodontic treatment saves a severely injured, cracked, or decayed tooth when its pulp (the soft inner tissue inside a tooth's root canal) becomes inflamed or infected. If it is not treated promptly, pain or a tooth abscess results.


Symptoms and Warning Signs of a Endodontic Issue:

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment is also known as a "root canal” . Root canal treatment is completed in one or two office visits, depending on the presence of infection and the required treatment plan. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth. With good oral hygiene, the restored tooth has the potential to last a lifetime.



An Apiectomy is a root-end resection, where the dentist cuts through the gum and removes the end of the tooth (known as the apex).

Usually, an Apiectomy is carried out in situations where a root canal procedure has not been sufficient to relieve pain or remove an infection. Occasionally after root canal work, an infection might spread into the bone at the tip of the root and create an abscess. A typical cause of this might be a cracked root, or the presence of infection in canals that were hidden from the initial x-ray. A dentist might decide an Apiectomy is necessary if the patient shows continued discomfort after root canal treatment.

What is involved in Apiectomy Treatment?

Firstly, local anaesthetic is applied to the area in question. A small cut is then made in the gum tissue to allow the dentist to see the bone and any surrounding tissue that is inflamed. Damage tissue is then removed, along with the tip of the root. The dentist will then insert a root-end filling to seal the area and prevent further reinfection, and the gum is sutured (meaning stitches are put in to join the gum together again).

After the Apiectomy Treatment

Your teeth may be a little sensitive for a few days after the Apiectomy treatment, but you should not be in any serious pain. The bone tissue will heal to fill in the area around the root. Over the counter pain remedies should be enough to manage any discomfort following the procedure.

Alternatives to Apiectomy Treatment

As with Root Canal treatment, there aren't really any alternatives to an Apiectomy except the removal of the infected tooth. This is often a costly and traumatic procedure, and may mean further expense if a cosmetic bridge is required.



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